Monday, August 20, 2012

A TOMS Shoes Giveaway and Entry

Recently I came across a great giveaway by TOMS Shoes... Posted on Shoe Digest A Shoe (R) Evolution.
As I stated a giveaway, everyone like giveaways right? As the entry I have to respond to 1 of 5 questions posted on their site. Here is my entry.....

I choose question number...

2. Soul Man Blake Mycoskie in The Wallstreet Journal – The name “TOMS” has come to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In your post, discuss what TOMS literally stands for as well as what TOMS means to you.
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What "TOMS" stands for. To me its giving back. Retail businesses should start to take note and follow suite.
 As we live in this  country the USA  we have become very materialistic. Who has the bigger house, the fastest car, and the most money in the bank. Keeping up with the Jones is the latest. But on the other side of the world, their are many children, who are only looking to be fed and clothed  from day to day.  The company "TOMS"  gives back to children. This company  matches a pair of shoes purchased, with a pair of shoes given to a child in need.  Has been able to give over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes around the world.
Can you imagine if other retailers could do something similar. We could fight poverty and the little things that matter so much to other children, that we tend to take for granted. I am proud to own pairs of TOMS shoes and my hat is off to a company who feels it there duty and calling to give instead of receive. Everyone should be encouraged and support to purchase from a company who is willing to give back. Feel good and proud that something as simple as a pair of shoes, can give another child so much joy and happiness. I would love to be able to be on the front lines, and be able to give to those kids. What a feeling that must be. So much satisfaction as a human being to give back. Maybe someday for me. I hope!!

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